Electronic Component Oganization

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Up until now for every project I have ordered all the parts needed for that project and kept all the left over parts in a Digikey box under my desk. This made it near impossible to find any parts if I ever needed them again since I had to sort through an unorganized box for […]

Wireless Temperature Sensor

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Since I am done with school I want to get back into doing some hobby electronics a project I posted about before was wanting to build a home automation system. This was to consist of multiple wireless sensors and IO points around my apartment controlled by one central server. To start this project up again I have designed a small battery powered temperature sensor. The […]

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

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On April 13, 2013 I wrote the longest exam of my whole engineering career; The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam in Seattle, Washington. This was an 8 hour exam consisting of a 120 question, 4 hour morning exam on basic general engineering questions and a 60 question, 4 hour afternoon exam which was discipline specific for which I chose electrical .I cannot […]

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

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  One journey is over and the next one is just beginning  I finally received my degree in the mail from BCIT; now to study for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam so I can get my Engineer in Training (EIT) designation with APEGBC and work towards my Professional Engineer (P.Eng) designation. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is a […]

Capacitive Touch Business Card

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  I wrote a post about my design for a capactitive touch business card a few months ago but I have finally had time to build it up and test it out. overall it works well but I could make some improvements. Here’s a quick video of it working: To implement the capacitive touch I used the PIC10F206 microcontroller. I chose […]

Agilent e3610a Review and Teardown

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Agilent Recent had a deal on that if you bought an e36xx power supply you would get an e1272a DMM for free which was a great deal since I needed a bench power supply and a new higher resolution multimeter. I decided to get the e3610a which has the following specs: Linear Power Supply Single Output 30W power Output Two Ranges: […]

Update and New Test Equipment

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I haven’t had time do blog anything for a while since I was busy with school but I finished my final exams last week which concludes my Bachelor’s degree. I have been working on this degree for five years now going to school at nights while working full-time during the day and now I am […]

Sensor Datalogging with Cosm

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  Continuing with the Home Automation System I talked about in the last post I have been working on the datalogging server portion of the project. The purpose of this is to receive sensor data from the sensors in my apartment and server them on an internal websever and post them on Cosm for logging […]

Home Automation Project

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A project I have have wanted to do for a while is a home automation system for my apartment so I finally think I am going to do it. I have a general idea of how it will work shown in the block diagram below: I will have a bunch of wireless sensors scattered around […]