Quadcopter Microcontroller Selection Cont.

I also did another test to compare the speed of the two chips. I wrote the Kalman filter code that I will use in the quadcopter and ran it in MPLABSIM for the PIC32 and DsPIC both running at 80Mhz. I go he following results:

Kalman FIlter Simulated on DsPIC
Kalman Filter Simulated on DsPIC
Kalman FIlter Simulated on PIC32
Kalman Filter Simulated on PIC32

As you can see from the Stopwatch column the PIC32 uses less than half the instruction cycles for the same code of the DsPIC. Also the PIC32 ran the same code 5 times faster than the DsPIC. Speed can be important if I want to have high update rates on the PID loop so from all this I chose to use the PIC32 on my quadcopter controller.