My Journey into CPLD Programming

One thing I never learned in school was FPGA/CPLD programming. I have done a lot of projects with programming microcontrollers and writing PC applications but never done anything with FPGAs or CPLDs. From my research knowing VHDL seems to be pretty in-demand right now so I think I am going to try to teach myself VHDL. A while back I bought a Xilinx Coolrunner II CPLD starter kit and I think I am going to pull it out and use it to learn VHDL. Once I get the hang of the language I think I will do a project with a CPLD, right now I am thinking a stepper motor controller would be a fun project but maybe I’ll think of something else. This is the dev kit I bought:

Currently I’m downloading the massive 5.9GB Xilinx development software will post more about my journey into VHDL as I get farther.