More Quadcopter Progress

I have been working on the quad copter some more and have made some more progress, although I sliced the tip of my finger open pretty good and broke one of the propellers in the process, but now the other axis id tuned fairly well. It doesn’t work as nice as the other axis right now though. It seems like one of the ESCs are stronger than the other, one of the motors runs significantly faster than the other as I mentioned in the previous post and I have narrowed it down to the ESC. Before I suspected it was the motor but swapped the two motors and the same side was stronger but after I swapped the ESCs the other motor was stronger. I have tried to calibrate out the difference to some success but it’d not perfect I may have to order a new ESC. Anyway here is a video of this axis working:

I still don’t have it flying though, I am going to have to work on that some more but that is enough for tonight.