Electronic Component Oganization

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Up until now for every project I have ordered all the parts needed for that project and kept all the left over parts in a Digikey box under my desk. This made it near impossible to find any parts if I ever needed them again since I had to sort through an unorganized box for […]

Wireless Temperature Sensor

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Since I am done with school I want to get back into doing some hobby electronics a project I posted about before was wanting to build a home automation system. This was to consist of multiple wireless sensors and IO points around my apartment controlled by one central server. To start this project up again I have designed a small battery powered temperature sensor. The […]

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

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On April 13, 2013 I wrote the longest exam of my whole engineering career; The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam in Seattle, Washington. This was an 8 hour exam consisting of a 120 question, 4 hour morning exam on basic general engineering questions and a 60 question, 4 hour afternoon exam which was discipline specific for which I chose electrical .I cannot […]