Capacitive Touch Business Card

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  I wrote a post about my design for a capactitive touch business card a few months ago but I have finally had time to build it up and test it out. overall it works well but I could make some improvements. Here’s a quick video of it working: To implement the capacitive touch I used the PIC10F206 microcontroller. I chose […]

Agilent e3610a Review and Teardown

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Agilent Recent had a deal on that if you bought an e36xx power supply you would get an e1272a DMM for free which was a great deal since I needed a bench power supply and a new higher resolution multimeter. I decided to get the e3610a which has the following specs: Linear Power Supply Single Output 30W power Output Two Ranges: […]

Update and New Test Equipment

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I haven’t had time do blog anything for a while since I was busy with school but I finished my final exams last week which concludes my Bachelor’s degree. I have been working on this degree for five years now going to school at nights while working full-time during the day and now I am […]